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My experience living in an abandoned school in HokkaidoPracticing “Living Anywhere” for 12 days at an abandoned school building in Minamifurano, Hokkaido. Courtesy of Mistletoe

Someone trying to live a normal life needs relatively easy access to a variety of facilities: schools, companies, government offices, banks… Up to now, living near such places has been very beneficial for us.

However, as I discussed last time, that situation is changing drastically as technology evolves. There are now many formalities that you can handle with just your smartphone. We are also nearing an age in which some forms of employment allow one to live anywhere.

In the future, will we even have a reason to settle down anywhere? I do not believe so.

We can live our lives anywhere without compromising our access to the lifelines we need. I founded the general incorporated association Living Anywhere to advocate this “Living Anywhere” idea.

We also published a manifesto that describes the kind of society we want to create. It may be a bit long, but I will quote it anyway.