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Why I moved to SingaporePhoto by Aiko Suzuki

In January of this year, I moved to Singapore. I am the first remotely posted, full-time member of Mistletoe, of which I am president. However, my period of stay here is planned for just a few years.

The reason I moved here was to make inroads on a certain project. If this project bears fruit, I believe it may also lead to the creation of collective impact.

As for what it’s all about, Mistletoe currently invests directly in over fifty Japanese and global startups and other ventures. If we include investments made by its affiliated funds, the total climbs to some 200 companies in which we invest.

Each of these firms is in the midst of creating a variety of new innovations. I believe that each and every one of these firms has the potential to make a major impact on the world. And yet, by bringing together the strengths of these players collectively, we feel we can solve even larger issues that would be impossible for individual companies to tackle.

We call this process “orchestration.” We are building an “orchestra” in which we enmesh the different tones of each player to craft beautiful music. By acting like an orchestra, we believe we can drive even greater impact on society at large.

Linking startups to lead an orchestra

Our role is not only investing in startups, but offering them a range of support.

Mistletoe, as the name suggests, is intended as place that people congregate under. Like conductors in an orchestra, we want to lead a collective community.