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VIVITA ROBOCON 2018 SPRINGの優勝チームVIVITA ROBOCON 2018 SPRING Photo by Takeshi Kojima

 If you were to die tomorrow, what message would you want to leave behind for the children who will shape our future? In my case, I would say, without hesitation, "YOU can change the world."

 I have witnessed many instances of entrepreneurs and innovators who started some projects on their own that received widespread support and that ultimately changed the world. "The world is yours. That's why you can change it." The first step to changing the world is believing that you can do so.

 In late March of this year, VIVITA, which runs a community that seeks to heighten children's curiosity and impart on them new skills, held their second robot contest. Although I have written about VIVITA previously, this contest gave me a renewed belief in the possibilities of children.