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A Son-style “Work Revolution”Mr. Taizo Son proposes making lunchtime “the time when employees show their creativity.” In the future, the office may turn into something like a cafe.

“Let’s all take on the challenge of creating a new business, without fear of failure!” Is this the sort of line you hear from the president at your company’s morning pep talks and meetings?

Rather than lifting the mood, it might leave many employees rolling their eyes. After all, the boss getting upset at mistakes is something we’ve all seen, and we all know that failing hurts your perceived value.

Nevertheless, bosses have a habit of saying, “don’t be afraid to fail.” I think this is contradictory. If bosses really felt that way, they would have to give out bonuses for failing, too. Whenever this is actually suggested, though, people generally respond, “Well, but, see…”

When we look to the coming era, it would seem that making new businesses succeed with the existing approaches and ideas is going to be increasingly difficult. So, what can we do?

In this series, I have suggested previously that artificial intelligence (AI) and robots will end up doing most of the work in the future.