A parent who believed in his child, showing it with great exaggeration

A few years ago, I was drinking with my father, and I asked him about it. “Whether you’re talking to your employees or your family, most people can’t heap on the praise like that. It must be difficult.”

“You finally get it!” my father replied with a laugh. “Even if you believe in your child, it’s hard to do that.” Even having confirmed my suspicions, I still felt really grateful and thanked him for it. My father just extended his cup and told me to pour the saké.

Teaching 4 – Mix in humor

4 things that Father taught usPhoto by A. S.

“Ithought so much that my hair fell out.” In the middle of a serious press conference, my brother often says this to get some laughs. Crafty, isn’t he? In the Son family, we’re always mixing humor into our conversations. It’s a household where the laughter never ends.

For example, right in the middle of a boisterous family conversation, my family would suddenly say, “Taizo, sit down for a bit,” and then, “I’m only going to say this once, so listen up. I’m almost 80 years old now…” He’d started out so serious that I was starting to get worried. It felt like he was about to impart his final words. He continued, “I’m almost 80 years old now… only 50 left to go!”

“So I’m going to die first!?” I joked, having fallen for his act. We often have conversations like this in the Son household.

The more serious the discussion, the more he’d slip in humor. That dispelled the tension. After that, he could continue with the serious topic, and it would really hit home. That was routine for us.

One of the 4 Cs that I mentioned earlier was “creativity”. You might say that it was an environment where we could work on our creativity.