Startups taking advantage of
government digitization emerge

 What surprised me is that the environment furnished by the Estonia government is giving rise to one startup after another. One of these is Jobbatical. Put simply, it is a personnel services company which enables the hiring of talent from around the globe.

 Let’s suppose that I am running an e-commerce site in Japan, and I am going to expand to a country in Latin America. Perhaps I am not able to find people with e-commerce experience locally. However, if I use Jobbatical, I can find people around the world who want to live and work in that country, and get support for contracts, etc.

 Furthermore, if the management sets up a company in Estonia, and the employees become e-residents and get bank accounts, it will also simplify paying wages, etc. In other words, it used the government’s framework to create a service for hiring personnel from all over the world.

 Nevertheless, when someone works in multiple countries, it leads to all kinds of troublesome tasks such as calculating taxes and wages. And so, the company LeapIN emerged.

 As it happens, Estonian tax counselors and accountants lost their jobs due to government digitization. The reason for this being that you can do your taxes online. Accordingly, they started a service which handles all of the onerous tax filing procedures for people working in multiple countries.

 In this way, Estonia is furnishing a system to pro-actively support so-called “digital nomads”: people who move around the world doing required work in the required place at the required time.

 Talk has come up about the issuing of a type of visa called a “digital nomad visa” in 2019. From what I hear, if this becomes a reality, it will be possible to travel to Estonia for up to 365 days, or up to 90 days in the 26 EU member nations.

 It seems that in the future, people who possess exceptional skills and knowledge, and the passion and ambition to work across the globe will make Estonia the hub of their activities. Going forward, it would be worth keeping an eye on Estonia as it works to drive national prosperity by creating an environment to attract talented people from around the world.