Learning English through speaking
Developing an app with AI

 "One day, a lone girl falls from the top of a wall. She is a mysterious girl who speaks a strange language. Our story begins as the boy and girl begin to speak with each other."

 I will briefly explain the app. First of all, the main characters and the heroine live in two separate worlds divided by an enormous wall known as Magna. What's more, this wall was built over 1,000 years ago, so no one knows why it is there. No one goes near it either, because they have all been told that it is dangerous and to stay away. The two worlds evolved separately and developed in different ways.

 One day, an unconscious girl from the other world comes into the world of the story's young protagonists. When the confused girl wakes up, one of the boys says in Japanese, "You're safe. Don't worry." But she responds by asking "Where am I?" in English.

 Because the heroine and protagonists grew up in different worlds— the Japanese world and the English world— the protagonists are confused and cannot understand what the girl is saying. They find neither side can understand the other's language and they cannot communicate. However, the tale follows the group as they gradually learn to communicate, come face to face with a grand mystery, and overcome all sorts of difficulties together.

 The game progresses as the player watches the story unfold and wins certain battles. These tasks require the player to use their smartphone or tablet's microphone to actually say English vocabulary and phrases out loud. The player is scored based on the quality of their English pronunciation.

 In addition to over 1,100 vocabulary words, the app also includes recordings of over 600 common phrases. Furthermore, because the app has built-in artificial intelligence (AI), it automatically controls the learning speed based on the player's English abilities.

 In other words, by focusing on beating the game rather than studying English, players can naturally learn the basics of elementary and middle school English with this app.