Canceling employment contracts
Switching to outsourcing contracts

 Now that the staff have gotten used to Learning Anywhere, what I'm trying to do next is to switch their employment contracts to outsourcing contracts.

 Although most of the staff were on outsourcing contracts, those who had previously been working for companies signed employment contracts. I have decided to switch those staff members over to outsourcing contracts.

 The reason is that it has long seemed to me that employment contracts are created mostly for the benefit of the company and administration.

 Employees have to record what time they come into office and what time they go home. And the company also has to have a solid evaluation and reward system. Nothing can be done without first submitting a proposal and obtaining approval from the administration.

 If the administration and an employee disagree, the administration has the advantage. The employee must follow the administration's orders.

 This seemed to me like a servant's contract. Staff in a company should be equal. I have long said that I do not want to sign contracts like this.

 But I understand that the staff feel uneasy about this. An outsourcing contract means becoming an independent freelancer or an entrepreneur, so they worry about what they will do if they lose their way.

 It is not like I am going to abandon them and say, "I don't know, it's not my problem." An outsourcing contract normally does not guarantee any standing in the company, but we are currently discussing providing individuals with various assurances.

 I am doing this because I think it is important to design a psychologically safe workplace.