Designing a psychologically safe workplace

 Popularized by Google researchers in the U.S., the concept of a psychologically safe workplace is a way to improve team productivity. It means that team members can share ideas and acknowledge mistakes without being shamed or punished. Creating an environment where members can share their inner thoughts without fear is important for bringing out the team's strengths.

 If taking risks lead to an unpleasant experience, no one will challenge themselves. It is only when a workplace is safe, such that employees will take risks, that everyone will happily challenge themselves to new things.

 Now, if most employees will be switched to outsourcing contracts, what exactly is the purpose of the company? Perhaps this is what you are wondering.

 There have been various types of companies throughout history, but I see a company as nothing more than a place where people collaborate on something. I do not think that the administrators should be able to force anything just because they are administrators.

 Fundamentally speaking, a contract can only be signed between people. You cannot sign a contract with an object. The concept of corporations exists because we need entities to sign contracts when we collaborate in business. A corporation is no more and no less than an entity that exists for groups collaborating with each other.

 So I want to make Mistletoe into a company in a purer sense of the word. This will change the relationship between the staff and the company.

 Let us take business trip applications as an example. To go on a business trip, an employee has to make a request to the company, get approval from a superior, and submit receipts to the company. But with an outsourcing contract, one can simply charge the company, and receipts are only used when filing taxes.

 The reason why I implemented Learning Anywhere before outsourcing contracts is that I wanted the staff to get used to this kind of relationship.

 Of course, we may not be able to call this a perfectly equal relationship, but I am trying to establish psychological safety and make the relationship as equal as possible from there. So then, why do we need this type of organization right now?

What is the purpose of a company?