Theater experience as a gateway to learning English

 Even so, you might find it astounding if I tell you we started a theatrical company that performs in English. But I think you will notice if you play the game that the whole game is actually set up as though you're watching a play in a theater. From the time the idea first took shape, I wanted it so that the kids actually play the parts of the characters in the game.

 An actual performance consists not only of acting in English, but also of singing, dancing, and stage direction. Children learn to enjoy language learning through the experience of watching the performance. They then start learning with the app because they want to have this experience at home too. By providing lots of opportunities for interaction, sparking curiosity, and creating an environment where kids can become familiar with English, we can help them improve their skills.

 A game app alone might not be easily accepted by educators, but the English play helps them understand the idea.

 In the future, we would like to make the theater company into a traveling one that visits schools around the country.