A New Economic Structure Without Fierce Competition

A certain college professor once told me that humans become more generous when they have their necessities of clothing, food, and shelter met, and that they then stop using monetary currency in the exchange of value. This concept is called the “abundant economy.”

Under normal circumstances, we seek to receive some sort of recompense in exchange for our work. However, when in a state of abundance, we stop caring about the money and no longer demand recompense when offering the value which we can provide. It is said that this is why fierce competition fades away as well.

This concept seems hard to believe, but I was able to experience this phenomenon first-hand through my life in the closed down school. Because everyone living there together did what they could to help the others, we had no need of money and were able to live with peace of mind.

This is similar to the good points of life in the country. The people of the neighborhood all know each other, have a custom of sharing their possessions, and are quick to help each other out in times of need. This produces a sense of security among those living there.

There was actually a mother who brought along her small child, as well. We all ended up taking care of the child, and the mother was even able to feel secure in entrusting her child to us in the end.

One night, a group of women in their 20s told us their life stories. A woman who had moved to Tokyo from the country was moved to tears in speaking of how lonely she was in the city.

It is said that humans are social creatures by nature and require a psychological sense of security. No matter how blessed one is with money, that individual will not be able to live in peace if they are plagued by loneliness or anxiety. On that point, I feel like there is still more social interaction in the country than in big cities.

There are, of course, inconveniences in country life, as well. There are plenty of people who might find the insular environment or lack of privacy to be unpleasant.

However, our group had come together with the common purpose of hoping to realize a new lifestyle known as “Living Anywhere.” Because of this, we were able to create a new community that functioned much like a family.