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Children's creativity on display at VIVITA's Robocon Photo by Takeshi Kojima

 Last time, I talked about the children at VIVITA working together with adults to develop robots. The children's creativity was exhibited through the robotics contest and they showed significant development.

 What is needed in future education is exactly the type of experience gained at Robocon. Without experiencing that kind of success and realizing that they can change the world, children will never start thinking of what they can create or what they can change.

 However, when the topic of education comes up, the first question asked is always "What about evaluation?" The truth is, I feel that creativity cannot be measured based solely on visible results.

 Even Vincent van Gogh was not highly acclaimed during his life, and his paintings did not sell well. The architect who designed Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí, was also not acknowledged for his work until after his death.

 We see from these examples that creativity is difficult to evaluate. Therefore, the value of creativity lies not in the work itself but in its point of view. In other words, the important things is how the work was conceived.

 Why, then, is creativity important at all? The answer is that the inventiveness brought about by creativity will solve the worlds problems.